Breast prosthesis come in different sizes, shape, weight and colour. They are used after breast surgery to replace tissue loss and provide shape post op.

Initial Post-Surgery prostheses are soft to allow for wound healing while giving shape. After approximately 6-8 weeks a full prosthesis can be fitted. This allows for swelling to reduce in the chest area and for scars to heal.

For some ladies they may wish to continue to use a soft or initial prosthesis instead of a full or permanent prosthesis while for others they may choose not to use one at all.

Initial Breast Prostheses

Temporary or initial breast forms are used after breast surgery . They are designed to be soft, lightweight and gentle on sensitive skin.

The moulded cup of the prosthesis provides optimum breast shape during recovery.

They are generally filled with lightweight fibrefill which can be added or removed, to achieve the desired size and shape.

Trifirst Prosthesis

Anita Trifirst Initial Care Breast Form

Amoena Priform Temporary Breast Form


Full Breast Prostheses

Permanent or full breast forms are generally used 6-8 weeks after surgery.

These prostheses are designed to ensure freedom of movement, excellent fit and provide natural cup shape.

A breast prosthesis can transform your silhouette, provide balance and improve body confidence. Clothes will fit better giving a vital boost to your figure.

There are different types of permanent breast forms depending on your needs: these can include the weight of the prosthesis, size, shape and colour.

Some prostheses can be lighter and this is something that you can talk to your fitter about: if you are experiencing pain in the neck or shoulder it may be eased by using a lighter prosthesis.

Depending on the type of surgery i.e. lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, full mastectomy differently designed prosthesis may be more appropriate than others.

Adjustable Breast Prostheses

After surgery uneven scarring on the chest wall can occur. This can make it difficult to achieve the ideal breast shape. Weight loss or gain along with lymphoedema on the chest area can affect your shape.

A way around this is to use an adjustable breast prosthesis.

An example of an adjustable breast prosthesis is Equitex by Anita. This breast form has a special SoftLite Silicone shell that can be used on its own or filled with medical fleece to change the shape and size of the prosthesis to suit your needs.

This is ideal to use without the fleece after a lumpectomy to provide a smooth appearance in a mastectomy bra, if there is small amount of tissue loss.

Can also be used to compensate for larger tissue deficits and unevenness of the chest wall after a full mastectomy.

Anita Equitex Breast Form


Amoena Adapt Air Breast Form allows for you to be in control as you can tailor the shape of the prosthesis so it suits your natural curves.

Its unique air chamber technology lets you fine tune the volume. Inflation of the prosthesis is by use of a special pump that is supplied with the product, it is totally secure as the air stays in the chamber until it is released by the pump.

This allows for a close fit, as it is adjusted to fit your body perfectly. It is up to 40% lighter than other Amoena standard breast forms and includes Comfort+ temperature equalising technology.


Adapt Air Prosthesis

Amoena Adapt Breast Form

Contact Breast Prostheses

A concern for some ladies post surgery is that their breast form will move during the day.

An adhesive flap can be added to a prosthesis to convert it from a standard breast form to a self adhesive one whenever you want.

Adhesive Flap for Breast Prosthesis

While the Contact Breast Form from Amoena adheres directly to your skin, so that it will not slip when you bend forward or move your arms.

It responds to movement exactly the same way as a natural breast, making it feel more like part of your body.

Contact Prosthesis

Amoena Contact Breast Form

Full Prostheses

A full prosthesis can have many different features. However: they should all provide a comfortable, natural fit so that you feel confident and secure while wearing it, no-one should ever know that you are wearing a breast form.

Authentic Breast Prosthesis

Anita Authentic Breast Prosthesis


Some breast forms can be used on either side while some are asymmetrical. This means that they are used either on the right or left side of the body. They are designed to replace loss of tissues in areas that other breast prosthesis would not provide.

Softback Asymmetric Prosthesis

Anita Softback Asymmetric Prosthesis


Swim Breast Prostheses

A full breast prosthesis can be used in your swimwear however: if you are using the pool or swimming regularly,  it is advisable to use a breast prosthesis that is designed for swimming.

These breast forms are lightweight, fast drying and resistant to salt water and chlorine ( follow care instructions). They have a transparent silicone form which is specially designed for water-based activities.

They are perfect to leave in the cup of your swimsuit for a quick change, while the ribbed design makes sure that water runs off  and ensures optimum breathability.

Swim Breast Prosthesis

Anita Active swim Prosthesis


These are a sample of some of the prostheses that we supply here at Linnoco. Our range is available online at

We can source other prostheses depending on your needs and requirements so please do not be afraid to talk to us about your different options.

Remember if you have a medical card you are entitled to one prosthesis (two if you have a double mastectomy) through the GMCS, we can arrange all paperwork that is needed to apply for this so do get in touch either via email or phone 053 910 6190

If you have any questions or queries do get in touch.