A high percentage of ladies are wearing the incorrect size bra.

It is important to be remeasured every 6 months as our bodies changed due to many different factors like hormones, weight fluctuation, exercise and diet .

Some times its not always possible to go to a fitter to be measured so alternatively you can measure yourself at home and then shop freely online or in store.

Where do I start?

Before you start you need a tape measure with inches. You can order a Linnoco Toolkit online which we will send to you free of charge.

The toolkit consists of diagrams, a measurement chart and a tape measure. Fill in our Online Bra Fitting Service form and we will post the toolkit to you. https://linnoco.com/

It is advisable to wear a soft bra while doing the measurements, not a t-shirt bra as this may give you a larger measurement due to the padding in the cups.

Step I

Take your tape measure and measure under the breasts this is where your bra will sit.

Making sure that the tape measure is snug, at the same height front & back and parallel to the ground.

Step 2

Round this measurement to the nearest whole number.

So an example would be if you get a measurement of 33.6” then round this off to 34”

If it 33.4” round down to 33”.

Use this number and add

If you get an even number as your measurement add 4” and this will give you your band size

Eg: 34” +4” =38 this is your band size

If you have an odd number you need to add 5”

Eg: 33” + 5” = 38

Step 3

Next you need to measure the fullest part of your breast; this is generally at the nipple line.

The tape should be horizontal and at the same height front & back, the tape does not need to be as tight for this measurement.

Similar to previously measurement round to the nearest whole number

Eg: 41.5” to 42”

Step 4

You need to use these two numbers to work out your cup size.

Take the band size and subtract it away from your last measurement.

EG 42 – 38 = 4

4 is the difference between the measurements and this is that you use to find out your cup size

EG 4 = D

Use the chart below to see your cup size


Difference (inches)










Cup Size










Step 5

Now add your band size to your cup size.

This is your bra size EG 38D


If you would like to view our video on how to measure your bra size correctly please follow this link https://youtu.be/9FErLENsQy0

You can now use these measurements to purchase a bra either online or shop in a store.

Remember there are many difference types of bras and you may need to try on different styles to work out which suits you best.

If you have any queries or would like to order the toolkit please do get in touch at info@linnoco.com or phone        053 9106190