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Trifirst Initial Prosthesis

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Trifirst Initial Prosthesis


Initial breast form that gives visual balance


  • Soft breast form to that can be used initially after surgery
  • Gentle skin friendly materiel go easily on sensitive scar tissue
  • Use during radiotherapy due to lightweight form
  • No visible seams on outside, thus guaranteeing optimal compensation post breast surgery
  • The pre-formed soft cup sculpts an optimum breast shape
  • Can be filled as required with medical fleece
  • Skin moulded front
  • Can be used on both sides


Anita textile breast forms provide gentle and lightweight initial compensation and can be worn at home as a comfortable substitute for a silicone breast form. These breast prosthesis are made of the finest microfibre, micro modal fibre and cotton and are essential after breast surgery to protect sensitive skin.

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Measurement Chart

Prosthesis Measurement Chart for Mastectomy Bras

Prosthesis Measurement Chart for Mastectomy Bras

Fitting Prosthesis into Pocketed Bra

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