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Mediven Elegance Tights

//Mediven Elegance Tights

Mediven Elegance Tights


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Mediven elegance compression tights, wearing compression garments has never been such an attractive option. The soft elastic technology provides a comfortable panty area, freedom for the toes and comfort in the forefoot area.
Skin-friendly, as proved by a dermatological test
Latex free
Innovative medi hybrid knit and material technology ensures maximum day long comfort
Shaped heel for a wrinkle-free fit
Inconspicuous in shoes and particularly hard-wearing with a double heel reinforcement

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Chronic venous insufficiency, stage I-II: with a slight to medium tendency for oedema
Inflammatory venous diseases (superficial thrombophlebitis, varicophlebitis) with a slight tendency for oedema
Varicosis in pregnancy with a slight to moderate tendency for oedema
Primary and secondary varicosis with a slight to moderate tendency for oedema (only recommended in some cases)
Thrombosis prophylaxis for mobile patients
After sclerotherapy of varicose veins/surgery

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