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London Lymph Relief Bra

London Lymph Relief Bra


Compression bra for treatment of chest swelling


Lymphatic relief bandages are specially designed compression girdles for lymphatic diseases.

Lymphoedema can appear as a result of breast cancer surgery (BET, radiation oedema, mastectomy). In cases of lymphoedema, the flow of lymph through the lymphatic system has been disrupted and results in swelling.

Benefits of Lymph Relief Bandage

  • Prevention of haematoma formation
  • Reduced seroma production
  • Reduced formation of scar tissue
  • Improved healing process of the tissue
  • Promotion of surgical results
  • Lymphoedema prevention or treatment

The dot structure of the lymphatic relief bandage achieves a gentle massage and drainage effect of the dermis and smaller lymph vessels.

An untreated lymphoedema will not disappear. Instead, the symptoms will only worsen. This will result in a need for permanent therapy and lymphatic relief. The Lymph O Fit products by Anita care support a rapid regression of post-operative oedema and a better manageability of chronic lymphatic drainage problems.

The Lymph Relief Bandage can be pocketed so that you can wear your breast prosthesis while using this bra

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