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Equitex Prosthesis

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Equitex Prosthesis


Partial breast form that balances out small areas of tissue loss post breast surgery

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  • Partial breast form to conceal tissue loss in the breast region
  • Multifunctional compensation shape for either side
  • Silicone cup with a thin edge
  • The tapered edges allow a smooth transition to the skin
  • Volume can be individually adjusted
  • Breathable textile back made of microfibre
  • Combination with microfibre backing keeps the skin pleasantly dry and ensures a high level of comfort
  • Can be variably filled with medical fleece material
  • Variable filling with medical fleece up to an ultra lighweight breast form is possible


Anita’s light partial breast forms perfectly balance out small areas of tissue loss following breast surgery. Silicone forms are available in different shapes and can be combined with a back section that is filled as required to ensure gentle correction of the breast, naturally concealing unevenness and offering a perfect fit.

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Fitting Prosthesis into Pocketed Bra

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