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Amoena Contact Light

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Amoena Contact Light


Light weight self adhesive breast form


This prosthesis adheres directly to the skin and moves with the body, staying in place with every movement

Wearing the breast form attached relieves pressure on the shoulder and provides a sense of lighter weight – especially helpful for women with lymphoedema or a larger bust

Easy to wear, daily care recommended for best adhesion

Provides more freedom on clothing choices like with  tops with lower necklines

Provides women with more security and self-confidence

Prosthesis comes with sample sizes of Skin and Form Care products and Soft Brush. The length of time the adhesion lasts varies for each woman and depends on the care of the breast form

Thorough and regular care is essential


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Measurement Chart

Prosthesis Measurement Chart for Mastectomy Bras

Prosthesis Measurement Chart for Mastectomy Bras

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