It is advisable to measure yourself regularly and especially if you are going to buy a new bra.

Measuring yourself for a mastectomy bra is a little difference than for a bra.

Whether you have had a lumpectomy, partial mastectomy or full mastectomy you can use the following steps to work out your correct bra size.


What is the difference between a bra and a mastectomy bra?

A mastectomy bra can look like a normal bra; however it’s the design that makes them different. The design of a good mastectomy bra provides comfort and support. Most mastectomy bras now have pockets in them which are designed to hold a prosthesis or breast form.


What do you need prior to doing the measurements?

It is advisable to wear a soft bra while you are doing the measurements. A padded or t-shirt bra is not advisable as the padding will increase the measurement and this will give you a bigger cup size than you need.

Secondly you need a tape measure. If you don’t have a tape measure to do the measurements, you can order a toolkit from us here at Linnoco by filling out the Online Bra Fitting Service form and we will send out the toolkit to you free of charge. Or you can email supplying us with your name and address.



Step 1

The first measurement that you will take is in relation to your band size.

This is taken under the bust. The tape measure should sit tightly to the body, at the same height front and back and be parallel to the floor with no twists or turns on the tape. You will use the inches size of the tape.

See diagram below Point A (dark blue line)



Measurement guide for mastectomy bra


If you get an even number you need to add 4” to this number

EG 34” + 4” =38” this is your band size

If you get an odd number you add 5”

EG 33” + 5” =38”

If you find you get a number in between a whole number like 33.4” then  you around this down to the nearest whole number which works out at 32”

And alternatively if you get 33.7” you round up to nearest whole number of 34”



Step 2

This measurement is used to work out your cup size.

You are going to measure the un-operated side or remaining breast.

Take the tape measure and place the start of the tape at the sternum and bring the tape over the breast toward the back. You stop measuring at the middle of your back.

Alternatively you can place start of tape at centre of back and bring it round to the sternum if you find this easier especially for the reading of the measurement.

The tape needs to be at the fullest part of the breast which is normally the nipple line. Again it needs to be flat against the body with no twists. It does not need to be as tight as the first measurements but should still be snug to the body.


See diagram below Point B (light blue line) 


Measurement guide for mastectomy bra


Again if it’s not a whole number either round it up or down to the nearest whole number

Then multiple this number by 2.

EG 20.5” is rounded to 21” then multiple it by 2 which will give a measurement of 42”


Step 3

Take the measurement from Step 1 away from Step 2

EG 42 – 38 = 4

This gives a difference of 4

Using the chart below this difference gives a cup size of a D

Now add your band size of 38 to cup size of D and your bra size is 38D

You can use the chart to work out your cup size once you have the difference between the two measurements


Difference (inches)










Cup Size










If you would like to video our video on how to measure for a mastectomy bra follow this link



You can now use these measurements to purchase a bra either online or shop in a store.

Remember there are many difference types of bras and you may need to try on different styles to work out which suits you best.

If you have any queries or would like to order the toolkit please do get in touch at or phone        053 9106190