Who’s behind Linnoco?

While working as an oncology nurse, Sasha cared for many women who had undergone surgery and follow up treatments for breast cancer, all with individual stories, all with one big problem.

She observed their difficulties in adapting to their new normal. Their endless search for a solution to their issues with lingerie. How to find a bra that would support, maybe rebalance a body altered by treatment? How to reconcile the old image with the new reality? How to shop in the communal changing rooms of well meaning chain stores?

And so?

The solution seemed obvious! We needed to create an environment where women could be met by competent and compassionate people, where they would be supported to support their recovery. Where the need to cover the scars would lead to a recovery of self-esteem and femininity. We needed to find a collection of practical yet elegant undergarments.

Here at Linnoco, we offer a space to browse and shop for garments to meet your specific needs. In private changing rooms, our trained staff will sensitively advise you on what garment will suit you best.

Other products we offer?

But there is more to Linnoco! Not only do we offer post-op lingerie and prosthesis we also offer swim wear, compression wear and sport bras.

About Sasha

After completing her nursing studies in Hertfordshire University in the UK, Sasha worked as a staff nurse on an oncology ward in Mt. Vernon Hospital, Northwood, Middlesex for 3 years. Returning to Ireland in 2002 she worked as a staff nurse in Wexford General Hospital from 2003 to 2007. In 2007 she started nursing in the Oncology Day Unit of the hospital. During the course of her work she completed her Graduate Diploma in Oncology Nursing in May 2009, Masters in Clinical Practice August 2011 and Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing Practice in May 2012 in UCD. While working in the oncology unit she encountered patients who have lymphoedema post breast surgery and this sparked an interest in lymphoedema and its management. So in 2014, Sasha trained as a Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist (Dr Vodder Method, Level III).   She is a member of MLD Ireland and founder of Wellbeing Techniques, a specialist Manual Lymph Drainage Clinic.

Working with ladies in both an oncology setting and in a lymphoedema environment, Sasha often spoke to ladies about their new normal after breast cancer and its many treatments. Common issues would include body image, difficulty in finding a bra that fits and a location to find these products whether it was online or in person. So the seed was grown to establish Linnoco to provide a friendly, professional service for these ladies to find lingerie which makes them feel good about themselves and provide a space where they can shop at leisure.

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